We use cotton canvas for our project bags.
Each bag is designed, screen-printed with solvent-free ink, and sewn by me in small batches in my home studio.
Please note, placement on prints may vary. Illustrations are original works of art by my husband.

We use a variety of waxed duck canvas from 8 oz-15 oz for our bags and accessories. 
Waxed canvas is a strong, hard-wearing material which is resistant to tearing. Properly maintained it will give a lifetime of use. It is a waterproof material which will repel driving rain, however, it is not impermeable and if immersed in water for long periods it will become saturated. 
Like full grain leather, waxed canvas' appearance improves over time, making it a unique personal accessory. Scuffs, marks and creases create a rich patina that continue to develop with age. 


Our organic cotton oilskin cloth is imported from the UK. The cloth is densely woven and processed to make it thirsty for the coating, and then submerged into a bath of petroleum-based wax. The oilskin is made water resistant from the coating itself, naturally repelling water.

Over time and use, the fabric develops a history of its own. It marks easily – crackling and creasing to give the cloth a more casual look, completely unique to how you wear it in.


We use premium, full grain, vegetable-tanned leather from Tuscany, Italy. 
Vegetable tanned leather absorbs your traces and will age with you developing a beautiful patina. It adds uniqueness to the finished piece as yo use it, telling a story of who you are as time goes on.

The raw hides used by our tannery has been destined from the outset to the food sector, creating value from by-products already destined to the food industry. No animal is killed for its skin. The tannery belongs to a consortium that guarantees sustainable production of vegetable-tanned leather made in Tuscany through its trademark: Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana. Learn more.


Our bags should be spot cleaned only.

Waxed canvas and oilskin repels dirt. Marks and scuffs are part of its visual appeal. Dust or mud will not penetrate the fabric and can be removed with a damp cloth. It should never be washed in its entirety. DO NOT PUT WAXED CANVAS OR OILSKIN IN THE WASHING MACHINE and always allow to dry naturally. If, in extreme cases, it is necessary to wash a waxed canvas/oilskin item, it should be done using cold water and soft soap and the item should be completely re-waxed afterwards. 

An oil stain which has soaked into the material needs to be treated with corn starch or a similarly absorbent substance. Apply the absorbent substance generously to the affected area and leave for forty-eight hours, after which time it can removed with a stiff brush. If necessary, repeat the process. A stained area of waxed canvas can be washed using cold water and a gentle soap, but it will need to be re-waxed afterwards. 


Keep your leather away from water. A little bit here and there isn't bad, but do not let it get soaked as it could shrink and damage the leather. Use oil or conditioner made specifically for leather frequently. 


Please allow up to 14 business days processing time before your item ships. 

We do our best to maintain an inventory of our catalogue, however, our goods are hand-made in our studio. Most items are on hand, and most orders will go out sooner. You will be notified via email when your item has shipped.

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If you would like to expedite your order, please send an email to: hello@pearadiseisland.com with your order number to discuss options.